Wednesday, 13 July 2016

About Paramjeet

Paramjeet Singh Bombra is an award-winning and internationally acclaimedchef par excellence. Creative and strategically driven, he brings all round capabilities and elegance to managing all aspects of hospitality operations, right from the design and opening of a restaurant to the menu, cooking, guest service, culinary experience and food photography.


From very young, Paramjeet was a highly energetic child. An early interest in culinary was sparked by accident, but went on to become a passion. In this, he was actively supported and encouraged by his family, including his grandmother who passed on traditional recipes and closely held secrets to him! These in turn have led him to be specialized in Indian curries and contemporary Kebabs.
Values, Ideas and Passion

Paramjeet deeply believes in following his mentor’s principles of cooking with the heart and not just the hands. His every dish is a signature in itself where the best and choicest of ingredients amalgamate with skill and devotion to deliver an authentic dining experience.

Simultaneously, his innate interest and latent curiosity in developing and delivering new methods have ensured that he has involved himself with every aspect of the culinary operation from a commercial perspective. He thus brings rich experience in all aspects of hospitality, such as setting up the new restaurants, new resortskitchensandhotel preopening, menu planning, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), staff training, and food photography.

For his skills and talent, Paramjeet has been felicitated and recognized over the years from prestigious quarters. What distinguishes him is the rare ability to innovate effectively, without losing the sense of purpose or focus, and communicate the vision to the team. With inspirational passion, he is able to get the best out of every member of his team and help all fly higher and touch the limits of possibilities.

Paramjeet is also a proud member of various culinary associations and bodies from around the world, including WACS (World Association of Chef’s Society), IFCA (Indian Federation of Culinary Associations) and SICA (South Indian Culinary Association), amongst others. His vision is to bring the wholesomeness, innate specialities and goodness to a global platform and ensure that Indian cuisine is recognized globally from this perspective as well.


Paramjeet’s culinary passion has led him to continuously dole out memorable dining experiences, by serving food that combines traditional favourites with exciting flavours, original recipes with an expansive awareness!

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